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Vision Statement

Left quoteTo be the largest, trustworthy and reliable retailer of the most attractive high quality selection of hand crafted floor art in the world.Right quote

Edwardian Silk and Wool Collection

Edwardian Silk and Wool Collection

Bold European influenced designs using 60% silk and 40% wool hand-knotted onto cotton with the wool shaved lower than the silk for a three dimensional effect

Abstract Designer Art

Abstract Designer Art

Original works of abstract modern art designs using silk and wool hand knotted onto cotton

Traditional Art for the Floor

Traditional Art for the Floor

Rugs and carpets hand knotted in the Persian Empire including Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan

Silk Masterpieces

Silk Masterpieces

Genuine silk worm silk hand knotted onto fine silk warps and wefts to get up to one million knots of silk per square meter

Rugs Canterbury

Have you been looking to add an unmistakeable Oriental style to your home’s interior space? Renowned for their high-quality and intricate and artistic patterns and layouts Persian rugs and carpeting has long been viewed as a symbol of class and status by homeowners thanks to their immaculate fabrication methods and the materials used to craft them.

With our beautiful and authentic carpets and rugs Canterbury residents can trust the professional and experienced carpet merchants at Master’s Persian Carpets to supply the highest-quality carpets and rugs for sale in Melbourne. Made from the best wool and silk materials our hand-woven rugs and carpets are durable and hold their colour for decades, adding definition and style to all types of living spaces.

Handmade Persian Rugs & Carpets in Canterbury

At Master’s Persian Carpets we know the difference that authentic Persian carpets and rugs can make to the look and feel of a home’s interior. Available both in store and online our antique and modern Persian rugs give Canterbury locals an item that is more than just a rug, and more of a work of art.

So, if you are in the market for the best Persian or Turkish rugs to complement your home look no further than Master’s. For more information about our running floor and large rugs call us on 03 9822 2110.

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